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Return policy

  • You have the legal rights to terminate the contract, as follows: Your rights on termination of the contract depend on what you have purchased, whether the product is faulty, how we have performed and when you decide to terminate the contract.


  • Your right to withdraw without giving a reason: For most products you purchase online, you have the right to change your mind and give us notice of withdrawal at any time within 14 days. This means that you can withdraw from a contract with us without giving any reason. The period of withdrawal expires 14 days after the day on which you (or your agent) take(s) delivery of the product. You also have the right of withdrawal for the period between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the product.


  • Limits to the right of withdrawal: Please note that you are not entitled to exercise your right of withdrawal if the product concerned is perishable or has a short shelf life (e.g. products that must be stored at a certain temperature, etc.) or in the case of products in sealed packaging that, for health or hygiene reasons, cannot be returned after opening following delivery (e.g. toothbrushes, ball deodorants, underwear, massage oils, sexual aids, cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.). For more information on these restrictions, see Annex 1 of the Terms and Conditions.


  • Notice of withdrawal: If you wish to terminate your contract with us, please notify us by sending a notice to the e-mail address. Please include your name, address, details of the order and, where available, your telephone number and e-mail address for ease of identification.


  • Burden of proof in the case of a notice of withdrawal: In all cases, you will have the burden of proving that you have exercised your right of withdrawal properly and within the time limits set out in these Terms and Conditions.


Return of the products in the event of termination of the contract: If, for whatever reason, you terminate the contract after we have sent the product(s) to you or you have taken delivery of the product(s), you must return the product(s) to us without undue delay. Returns are not handled at Forhercare Kft.'s head office, as this activity is carried out by Gedeon Richter Plc. on behalf of Forhercare Kft. You must return the product by post to Gedeon Richter Plc., acting on behalf of Forhercare Kft., to 1103 Budapest, Vaspálya utca 50. When returning the product, you must clearly indicate the following on the packaging of the product to be returned: “Forhercare Webshop”. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you must return the goods to us within 14 days of the date you notify us of your intention to terminate the contract. This deadline will be deemed to have been met if you send us the product before the 14-day deadline has expired.


  • When will we pay the cost of returning the goods? We will bear the cost of returning the goods:
  • if the product is defective or the description of the product was incorrect;
  • if you terminate the contract because the product is faulty or its description is incorrect, or the delay in delivery is attributable to us and is not due to circumstances beyond our control.


  • When do you bear the cost of returning the goods? In all cases other than those set out in the previous paragraphs, including where you exercise the right of withdrawal without giving a reason, you will bear the cost of returning the goods and we will not refund you for that cost. You will not be charged any costs other than the cost of returning the product. We will not be obliged to refund you for any additional costs resulting from your choice of a mode of transport other than the cheapest standard mode of transport offered to you.


  • How do we refund your money? We will refund you the purchase price paid for the products, including delivery costs if we are obliged to pay them, in accordance with the payment method you used. If you expressly agree, we will refund your money in a different way to the payment method used. You will not be charged any additional fees as a result of the different refund method. However, we may make deductions from the price as described below. If you only partially withdraw from the contract, we will refund only the purchase price of the returned products.


  • Deductions from your refund if you exercise your right of withdrawal: We may reduce the refunded price (excluding delivery costs) to reflect a reduction in the value of the goods, if this was caused by your handling of the goods in a way that would not be allowed in a store, that is, it was the result of a use that is beyond the use necessary for checking the nature, characteristics and function of the product.


  • When will a refund be made? We will execute the refunds that you are entitled to as soon as possible. We may withhold a refund until we have received the product back or until you have provided us with satisfactory proof that you have returned it to us.